Monday, August 17, 2015

Reading Through the American Revolution 1 - The War

"If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday." Pearl Buck

Many people think history is dry, dull, boring, unimportant and yet it is one of the most important areas of study that we should direct our children's attention to. One of my personal favorite areas of history to study is the early founding of the United States of America. I unashamedly believe that this nation was founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs by strong, Christian men who believed and relied upon the God of the Bible to help them start this nation.

This booklist that I'm sharing today is just a portion of the many great children's books on the American Revolution.  The focus of this list is on the actual war itself, the battles, the weapons, the spies and the men fighting it.  (In the near future I will share books on the founding fathers and the creating of the United Stated government)

You won't want to miss Giants in the Land which talks about the enormous pine trees that once grew on the East coast of the US and how King George used them for his masts for his naval ships.  Another wonderful book is David Bushnell and His Turtle which tells about the first submarine! We read Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys aloud together and the whole family enjoyed the perils of this 6' 9" rough, tough man.

Most of the books on this list are for elementary aged children but I find that I can use books of various levels depending on whether I'm using it as a read aloud or having my children read it to themselves. I encourage you to read aloud many books to your children. (We personally read aloud about 1 hour each evening and on road trips). Reading aloud gives you an opportunity to introduce your children to vocabulary and ideas above their reading level. Also, it brings the family together giving your family an opportunity to learn and discuss together the things you are reading about.  This will cause your children to be more interested when they see Mom and Dad interested in learning about history with them.  In 20+ years of homeschooling my husband and I have learned as much, if not more than our children.

Go here for part 2 of Reading Through the American Revolution. (See also, Reading Through Benjamin Franklin and Reading Through US Presidential Elections & Government) and Reading Through Independence Day


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